Thursday, 16 August 2012

Removal of Links = Delay in Release

No haters.

Due to the fact that people are sharing links outside of this website and GM Facebook, I am forced to delay releases to deter people from sharing links.

Hate all you want but blame those people who take my links and share it with companies who take down my links.

I spend a lot of time and effort producing good quality videos, any haters or reoffenders will force me to put massive "NOT FOR SALE, RENT OR AUCTION" all throughout the video.

Thank you to those who just download and keep it to themselves. 
For those one or two people out there who ruin it all for us, shame on you.


  1. Same here, I hate the fact that people just really WANT and PEST the subber to do more episodes quicker, they don't even realize how hard and long it is to do translations for them.

    It's a shame really and it took a long time to do, people these days just don't care and don't say thank you, only those who understand the hard work that we go through will say thank you or Nice Job.

    Out of my Respect, I am graciously honored by all that you have done and if anything goes wrong with the episodes (mainly Cantonese, because I can't understand Japanese) I will be there to help you out.


    1. Yeah I know what you mean! We all have personal lives and we only do this out of out own good will. Those who don't appreciate it and have the time to bug other people are sad and need to get out more. Makes me want to give up on this project! Especially when I try so hard to get an episode a week out on time!

      There are some people who say the occasional thanks and how much they enjoy it, which motivates me to keep going :D
      So far it has been quite positive at Pie-Rot, I just been on Facebook and I can see it's quite negative on there!

      No need to thank me Firebolt, I should thank you for providing with links to the raws and doing so much for GM. I know I can always trust you to be around to help =)

    2. I would just like to thank Both of you, Firebolt for being the first to sub GM and Starbomberman for continuing the work of Firebolt. Thank you very much for the subs. :D

      Haters please, if you have nothing better to do, would you please just go on with your lives and don't bother other people who have done nothing wrong to you.

    3. @Lightbringer: Well said!! Thanks for the moral support! =D

      Luckily it's only the one or two people that have lost their decency!

  2. Shouldn't it be "NOT FOR SALE, RENT, OR AUCTION"? it was my second or third thought after staring at it :P I'm not a hater but i just don't like it when i see a grammar mistake, sry.

    1. You must really hate it when I make that mistake on the anime then :P
      It's also accepted not to put the comma before the or. I'm lazy XD


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