Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Grander Musashi Episode 10 Again

As you may all know this company contacted mediafire and took down GM Episode 10.  Just because I reupload it doesn't mean that company wouldn't try to stop me again.

This is said I might have to drop the project if it happens again.  Which is a shame and I don't know why they are targeting little old me who is not making any money out of this and merely promoting Grander Musashi =( 
I guess you can say I am stopping sales of DVDs... Oh wait what DVDs?!?!  You couldn't get GM anywhere at all! I have found GM RV on yesasia though, GM is not available.

Enough ranting

Click on the bit where it says Click here to start download from sendspace

Get it while you can as the link will expire within 7 days.
GM 10

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  1. is still working..GREAT! ARIGATO


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