Sunday, 26 August 2012

Grander Musashi 11 and One Piece 316

Yay the episodes are out.  Check out the download section in the forum (you will need 10 posts until you can see them)

Please don't upload to AnimeCrazy or any streaming sites. Abuse of any kind will force me to stop translating and releasing episodes.  You can ask those money leechers at AnimeCrazy to translate/encode episodes for you, if you love streaming so much.

No haters.


  1. where is link download one piece 316 Sir?


  2. Read the post you need to register on the forum and post at least 10 posts before seeing the links

  3. where is GM ep 11? btw thx for all previous ep...good job! thx so much

  4. link for Grander Musashi 11? please sir..

  5. get it from the forum