Saturday, 14 July 2012

Grander Musashi Episode 6

Hey guys,

Early release today, I tried to re encode episode 6 today to fix the slight out of sync at the end of the video, however it seems that my computer has caught a virus some fake adobe updater keeps popping up.  It messed up my firefox browser too.  So every time I try to encode it crashes :(

I have to clear everything and the virus so episode 7 may be released at a later date.  You never know if I managed to fix the PC early this week then it should be released next Sunday as usual!

Until then here is episode 6:-
Episode 6

Also please note, due to the audio fixes, the subtitle is out of sync with the original video and I have no intention to revert it back to match the original audio, because it takes a long time.  If nobody requests for it then I won't put up the subtitle file, if anyone requests it then it will go up but you'll have to fix the time lags yourself.

No haters x_x

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